I have two prairie dogs named Jordan and Squeak. They've got to be the most emotional pets I have ever had. They throw back their heads and do funny little calls when they are either suprised or happy. When prairie dogs are mad, they do a little mechanical sound which in human language sounds like "DEE!" They care alot about their owners but get mad very easily.

My prairie dogs, Jordan and Squeak, are opposites. Jordan is very plump and greedy. She gets mad whenever anyone comes near her. But Squeak has got to be the sweetest little thing I have ever seen! She's as skinny as can be, does her happy calls everytime she gets let out, and loves nothing more then to be held by her owners!

Squeak on the other hand does get mad pretty easily. She and Jordan think of everyone as their pets! It especially gets out of hand when my other pets are involved. Jordan and Squeak are always going after my cats kibble, my dog nips at them when they do, and the cats scatter when they set eyes on Jordan and Squeak.

Here are Jordan and Squeak gobbling up there bannana's. Mmm!
"Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz" Here are Jordan and Squeak fast asleep in my bed. Squeak is definetly enjoying her nap on her back while Jordan spreads out on her tummy and makes herself comfortable!
Here they are again snoozing away on the couch while I watch a little tv. Jordan is flipped over on her side and is making a snoring sort of sound: "Vooo...Vooo" while Squeak piles on top of her and goes to sleep. The two little "couch potatoes" snuggle in together and go to sleep. But when they wake up, it will be time to turn back into adventurous little punks and go exploring!


UPDATE: May 27, 2002
Sadly, I was careless and accidently left the door open, and Jordan went outside and got bitten by something last year. A couple of months later we got Hopper!
This is a picture of me holding Squeak and my new prairie-dog, Hopper. Hopper's very fat and mellow. The thing she mostly likes to do is eat! Squeak and Hopper love to curl up in my bed together!
This is Squeak curled up in a little ball, sleeping...that is the most common way for Prairie Dogs to sleep.

This is Squeak having a wonderful breakfast: a mini pancake and a piece of some scrambled eggs. We only give it to her once a year, though, because it's VERY unhealthy. This is one of Squeak's favorite foods!


Email me about YOUR Prairie Dogs or if you have any questions about mine!


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